NYC Rapper BAS: Interview at Fortune

I attended AB-SOUL‘s Vancouver stop on his THESE DAYS tour at Fortune Sound Club tonight (October 15th).

Thankfully, I got to see his opening act BAS perform as well (“These Days” is Ab-Soul’s most recent album–2014).BAS spoke with me shortly (though it’s hard to see his face due to poor lighting) after the show.

Original source: BAS' instagram page @FIENDBASSY..onstage at Fortune.

Original source: BAS’ instagram page @FIENDBASSY..onstage at Fortune. AIR!

BAS had me dancing and he’s a big guy, but he puts his all into his performance and moved around and inspired others to get their butts moving too. BAS‘ album is called LAST WINTER…give him a listen! He has two other mixtapes as well called QUATER WATER RAISED, VOL.1 and QUATER WATER RAISED, VOL.2.

BAS’ birth name is ABBAS HAMAD and he was born in Paris, France and he grew up in Queens, New York. He is signed to J.COLE‘s DREAMVILLE RECORDS.

On whether or not he can recommend any uplifting music: “Um…I don’t know. Honestly, it’s all about what the song means to you…you know, you got to find those songs that take you to a better place. It’s different for everybody.” Words of wisdom!

Is there anything that you love about VANCOUVER so far?: “Great weed and friendly people.” 

Sounds like a Vancouver-fan to me! Thanks to BAS!

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