TV: HBO’S The Leftovers

VIDEO RECAP: I quickly talk about how fun the BAS and AB-SOUL show was at Fortune Sound Club. Then I spend most of the time explaining why I am loving THE LEFTOVERS from HBO.

JUSTIN THEROUX is one of the stars of the show, and there are many other talented actors in it, too. THE LEFTOVERS centres around the disappearance of many people (The Pope and Gary Busey included) who disappear on October 14th (I’m not sure which year the story is set, but it’s up-to-date looking).

People are left mourning the disappearance of family members and there is a new “cult” gaining strength as well. The cult requires it’s members to dress in off-white and white and they can’t speak out loud.

It’s hard to make sense of it all right now, and that’s a good thing, since I’ve only finished the first 3 episodes. The community Theroux plays the police chief of is the focus. There are strange things happening, but it is strangely realistic to me too.

Give it a looksie if you have the time and want something a bit dark (a.k.a. just like real-life to me)!

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