I had the pleasure of interviewing Vancouver-based musician DAWN PEMBERTON tonight at Fortune Sound Club. When I arrived, Dawn was hard-at-work setting up merchandise for her show. Yet, when she greeted me she was patient, friendly, and wonderful to speak to.

Ms. Pemberton’s first solo album, called SAY SOMETHIN’, is the cause for celebration at Fortune tonight. I asked Dawn which songs she recommends new fans start-off by listening to and she suggested:


I asked Dawn my usual question about whether or not she has ever felt like a freak, an outcast, or a loser, and if so what music helped her through it. Dawn said MARVIN GAYE and ELLA FITZGERALD are two specific musicians who have helped her through feeling like an outsider.

DAWN PEMBERTON celebrating SAY SOMETHIN' at Fortune Sound Club

DAWN PEMBERTON celebrating SAY SOMETHIN’ at Fortune Sound Club

Pemberton also stated that “Anything that feels good” is the right type of music to help uplift you. Also she said “Any kind of music actually has been lifesaving”. So true!

I asked Dawn what she loves about Vancouver and her response was “fresh air”, “ocean”, “mountains”, “the crows”, and “maple trees in the fall and cherry blossoms in the spring”. I strongly agree!

Dawn’s show was filled with good, positive energy and it was a packed-house! It is clear that Dawn has developed a big Vancouver following over the approximately 20 years she’s been performing.

Dawn’s voice is warm, beautiful, and powerful and she had the audience eating out of the palm of her hand at the show tonight. Thanks to Dawn for the interview. When I asked Dawn if she wanted to share anything with her fans, she wanted to let people know her music is “from the heart” and that “it’s been a long time comin'”. About SAY SOMETHIN’ Dawn says “Give it a listen because I think you’ll like it”. It was blatantly obvious at the show tonight that many people more than like Dawn’s music: love is a more appropriate word!

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