Month: September 2015


I interviewed Damien on Main Street today, and I found out that tomorrow is his 30th birthday, so I hope he has a great day!

I am not knowledgeable about punk rock, but Damien quickly schooled me on some of his favourite punk bands. Damien first started listening to punk when he was 9, so I think it’s safe to say he knows his stuff.

He listed Winnipeg bands such as PROPAGANDHI, THE KITTENS, STRETCH MARKS, and PERSONALITY CRISIS as some of his favourites. As well, Damien suggested Vancouver-area punk rock groups D.O.A., D.B.S., SNFU, and NO MEANS NO if you’re interested in the genre. Thanks to Damien for being open, honest, and fun to talk to!

Talkin’ On Main Street


Alina, who is originally from the Ukraine and who has lived in Vancouver for the last 4 years, patiently let me interrupt her while she was on her phone outside of the Main Street coffee shop “Jean” today. Alina answered the following questions, 1) What do you love about Vancouver? and 2) If you’ve ever felt like a freak or an outsider what helped you through it?