Monica’s Marvellous (Founder of


Today it was sunny and beautiful out, so after I was done teaching for the day I set out on a long walk to find some peeps to interview. I was waiting to cross at Pender and Quebec when I noticed Monica. How could I not? Her style is so much fun, eclectic, and more than anything, says “I don’t take life too seriously!” Sometimes I do take life too seriously, so I am very attracted to people who are silly, fun, and look like they’re loving life.

When Monica crossed the street, I asked her if I could interview and she agreed. I am so happy I got up the courage to stop her–no matter how many times I interview people, I still feel a little bit nauseous right before I stop a random person on the street–because it turns out she loves to interview people also. As well, Monica owns PSEUDO-MEDIA (click on the link to go to their website).

Psuedo-Media “is a Vancouver-based photo and video production company and artist management agency working with musical acts, bloggers, designers and more to set up and maintain their visual media, website, and social media. If your band needs a music video, business needs a website, clothing line needs a lookbook, store needs product photos, or various projects need an online presence, we are the one-stop-shop who can get it done within your budget” (I took the quote from their site).


(Monica seems like a wonderful goofball…and I hope we can join forces in the future!)

Monica likes to interview people too, and she had a video booth set-up at a TED Talk where people answered questions like, “What is one thing you like or hate about Vancouver?” and “Who would your psuedo self be?” (I am reporting these from memory, so I hope I got them right). These questions are creative, and right up my alley, and I hope I get to watch the footage of people’s answers soon.

It felt really good to speak with Monica! I understand why some people don’t want to be videotaped and interviewed, but the part that hurts is when I’ve asked people if they’ve ever felt like a freak or an outsider and they seem offended by the question, or I feel like they think I’m insane for asking it. Meeting Monica makes me remember that on what seems like a totally average day I never know who I’m going to meet or what’s going to happen. Of course, to meet someone that if like-minded I had to put myself out there instead of just walk by her, and that’s the hardest part.

A huge thanks to Monica for her energy and being so kind today!


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