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The Furniture’s Aramis Starfish

I consider myself a onesie-connoisseur, so it is no small feat that Aramis Starfish (far right) was wearing the best one I’ve seen so far last night…and yes that is a challenge to all you onesie-wearers. Aramis on bass and her bandmates-Lana on the drums, and Johnny Wildcat on guitar-took over the stage as The Furniture at Lana Lou’s and the crowd went wild (almost everybody was up and dancing to the music).


The Furniture‘s songs are so much fun, full of unbridled energy, and raw. One of the people who watched the show with me said his favourite thing about Aramis’ stage presence was that she totally relished in being the frontwoman…complete with sexy eye rolls, intense stares and tempting smiles for the audience.

If you’re going to ask for people’s attention, you gotta offer them up something special (I think) and Aramis and the rest of The Furniture surely did. Check out Aramis’ interview below:

I love the diversity of Vancouver. I love that anyone is everyone. Everyone is anyone, and, I don’t know, I’ve always really loved the inclusiveness of the neighbourhood. Especially the Downtown Eastside, which I’ve been a part of for about 15 years.”

“I’ve always felt like a freak and an outsider, which brought me to Vancouver which made me feel included in the beautiful world of freakdom that is here. Let your freak flag fly. I think music is probably what has gotten me through all of my weirdness. I’m not sure why but people seem to be open and responsive to us individuals sharing their uniqueness or their weirdness or whatever. I’ve always had a pretty positive response.”


Artist EMILY GRAY: Interview

VAN-ARTIST EMILY GRAY at her co-created PUBLIC ART piece SPYGLASS in False Creek/beside the Cambie Street Bridge

VAN-ARTIST EMILY GRAY at her co-created PUBLIC ART piece SPYGLASS in False Creek/beside the Cambie Street Bridge

EMILY GRAY comes from the Sunshine Coast, but now calls Vancouver home. If you have seen the mural on the side of Kea Foods at 10th and Main, then you know her work. Emily is incredibly talented and dedicated to her craft (a.k.a. a hard-worker).

Go to or @EMILYGRAYART (Instagram) to see more of her work online. A mural that Emily has already finished will be going up once Skytrain Reno arrives at Commercial and Broadway…watch for it!

In an e-mail Emily sent me after our interview earlier today she wrote that she loves “community engaged art, I believe thats what public art should be about! Let’s all get together and have a good time, express ourselves, and encourage each other to just keep improving in art and life :)”.

Go to EMILYGRAY.CA to view her work!

Go to EMILYGRAY.CA or @EMILYGRAYART (Instagram) to view her work!

I am so on-board with Ms. Gray’s sentiments about the connection between art, community, and loving life. Today we visited one of Emily’s murals, SPYGLASS, that was completed with the help of around 100 other participants (who used colourful paint to finish the drawings/outlines Emily made). SPYGLASS is located under and beside the Cambie Street Bridge and was inspired by other artists’ (RHONDA WEPPLER and TREVOR MAHOVSKY) work that is done around the base of the Cambie Street Bridge.

The following video is a TIME LAPSE of SPYGLASS being created:

I interviewed EMILY GRAY to learn more about her relationship with art, and our conversation was informative and fun! I am most impressed (beyond the art itself) by Emily’s dedication to building a stronger sense of community, both for herself and others, through working on PUBLIC ART pieces that many help to create and enjoy.

Morning workout made all the more beautiful thanks to public art!

Morning workout made all the more beautiful thanks to public art!

Jumpin', jumpin'!

Jumpin’, jumpin’!