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LA Group Clipping Found Their Fellow Freaks


Clipping (left to right): Jonathan Snipes, William Hutson, and Daveed Diggs

Clipping played the Biltmore tonight and their showed was packed to the brim. I must say they’ve got some seriously loyal fans and I understand why. Jonathan Snipe, William Hutson, and Daveed Diggs comprise Clipping and their music is a unique combination of quirky and surprising electronic noises, solid beats, and relentless rhymes. VanIsReal.com got a chance to speak with Clipping after their show, and it was a pleasure speaking with the guys! Give ’em a listen if you want to hear unpredictable hip-hop.

If you’ve ever felt like a freak or an outsider, what helped you through it?

“If you feel like a freak for long enough you’ll find the other freaks who also feel like you, then, you know, the norms get to be freaks and that’s friggin’ awesome…”

24HRS: Atlanta Artist Extraordinaire


24hrs (IG: @2fourhrs) and I (Christina/VanIsReal.com) after his show at Fortune Sound Club

What do you love about Vancouver?

I mean so far the weather was super cool, like the snow. It was like snowing, but it wasn’t too cold, so it was like super lit. And then, like, the people have really nice hospitality. It’s cool so far.

If you’ve ever felt like a freak or an outsider, what helped you through it?

The freak part? Like what type of freak? I’m just playing with you. Just following my dreams and people actually supporting what I do, like, and maybe at first people didn’t get it or understand it, but to see everyone scream my lyrics to my song, it looks like being the outsider or being different or being a freak or whatever it is helped me, and it paid off, so continue doing what you’re doing.

Here’s a link to his soundcloud: 24hrs soundcloud.

Background story from my perspective: I almost never go to live shows even though I often go out dancing to DJs, because it’s always a risk…you never know what you’re going to get. Another requirement for me if I’m going to see a live show is that I wanna hear music that lets me release some of my aggression and energy, so I gravitate towards rap shows since artists in this genre most often give me what I need out of a live show.

Anyways, I work super close to Fortune Sound Club and tonight while at work I thought I should take a look and see what was going on at Fortune tonight (Saturday, February 4th). I found out that an Atlanta rapper called 24hrs was doing a show.


24hrs Open EP: No throwaway songs…he’s oozing talent.

Before tonight, I hadn’t heard of him and I didn’t listen to a second of his music before purchasing a ticket for myself and my boyfriend. I took a risk in spending $50 plus dollars on an artist I’d never heard (though during his show I realized I already did know some of his songs, I just didn’t know he was the artist performing them), and it was SO WORTH IT.

My job can be stressful at times and tonight my coworker and I were on the receiving end of intense anger coming from tenants of the building we work at, so I needed something to make me feel good after work. I felt reinvigorated after this show and I was on cloud nine after 24hrs let me interview him!

24hrs is such a present, confident, and fun artist. He owned the stage all the way. His music sounded so beautiful, tight, and powerful live and I am now a huge fan of 24hrs! I am always on the lookout for motivational, intense songs to add to my workout playlist, and I’ll be adding 24hrs EP Open tomorrow.

Thank 24hrs…I’m so happy to have some new special music to listen to.


Before all else, if you love catchy and addictive RAP MIXES by Vancouver’s 4 best DJs (aka THE FRESHEST: DJ SEKO, DJ MARVEL, KUTCORNERS and RICO UNO) go to this address and download their FREE MIXES: https://soundcloud.com/defreshest



The place to be in Vancouver last night was 303 COLUMBIA. If you like rap/hip-hop, hot and intriguing folks, and to dance (or just observe talented dancers) then make sure you show-up for the next FRESHEST AND FRIENDS showcase at 303 Columbia.

SAILOR GERRY (centre) was one of the DJS at FRESHEST AND FRIENDS last night

Hot girl, SAILOR GERRY (centre) was one of the DJS at FRESHEST AND FRIENDS last night, and manager INSOMNIAC JEEZ

Ryan was feeling it!

Ryan was feeling it!

Lovin' the hair!

Lovin’ the hair!

I was totally inspired by this sexy lady's dance moves: you go girl!

I was totally inspired by this sexy lady’s dance moves: you go girl!

Oh yeah

Oh yeah

Look, all men are freaks...interesting shirt, do you agree?

“Look! All men are freaks”…interesting shirt, do you agree?



Bump'n'grind/ lovey-dovey

Bump’n’grind/ lovey-dovey





Last night I went to watch THE FRESHEST DJ quartet at their monthly showcase at 303 COLUMBIA. I had never been to the bar before, but I’ll be back again soon. The interior was really artsy with white, exposed brick walls, and lots of little cozy pockets and a generous-sized dance floor.

KUTCORNERS played my new fave song 7/11 by BEYONCE

KUTCORNERS played my new fave song 7/11 by BEYONCE

I love rap music, so I was very excited to go let off steam and dance last night. I arrived around 12:45 and the place was packed with lots of attractive and well-dressed people. About half the crowd was dancing and I got to see some impressive moves.

This lovely lady is my BEST-DRESSED choice for the night.

This lovely lady is my BEST-DRESSED choice for the night.

DJ SEKO, DJ MARVEL, KUTCORNERS, and RICO UNO comprise THE FRESHEST. They are my favourite DJs in the city since they play the best hip-hop around. In my opinion, they cut the songs so that it’s never boring or formulaic.

DJ SEKO cleverly did a video set so I could watch BEY while dancing: amazing!

DJ SEKO cleverly did a video set so I could watch BEY while dancing: amazing!

THE FRESHEST are interesting to me because I think that anyone trying to make a name for themselves in the entertainment industry can benefit from branding themselves, instead of just haphazardly doing their thing without any forethought about what they want to represent.

Beautiful ladies abounded at FRESHEST AND FRIENDS

Beautiful ladies abounded at FRESHEST AND FRIENDS

Their “GOOD LIFE SUNDAYS” at REPUBLIC on GRANVILLE STREET is an example of The Freshest’s methodical approach to connecting with their audience. Who doesn’t want to live the good life? I know I do, and therefore I’m showing up to anything that claims to promote it (and they follow through on their claim).

I think that these guys get that 2 heads, or in this case 4 heads, are better than 1. What they can do alone is multiplied by teamwork, and above all else they have helped me to have tons of FUN every time I come out to see one or all of them DJ.

Around 1:45 a Vancouver-based rapper DKAY CASTILLO, who I was previously unaware of, performed. I loved all of his songs! Though I had already been dancing for an hour non-stop, I still couldn’t help but move to his music. I hope to interview him in the future, and I am going to find his music online very soon.

 Thanks for creating FRESHEST AND FRIENDS and I can’t wait for the next one!

My necklace got in the way so I took it off, hid it behind a table and forgot it there. Oh well, $10 at topshop.

My necklace got in the way so I took it off, hid it behind a table and forgot it there. Oh well, $10 at topshop.

RICO UNO (The Freshest) Interview

Forgot to get a pic of Rico and I when I interviewed him...but ran into at #FortuneHootUp tonight

Forgot to get a pic of RICO UNO and I when I interviewed him…but ran into him at #FortuneHootUp event Oct.20/14.

If you live in Vancouver and you’ve even been to the BILTMORE CABARET or REPUBLIC, or any other number of bars and clubs, you’ve likely had the pleasure of getting to dance to RICO UNO‘s amazing work as a DJ.

I had the privilege of asking him a few questions about his life, his passion for rap, his favourite up-and-coming rapper (YOUNG THUG), and where he wants to take his career in the future (rap producer).

If you are a fan of rap and fun, inspiring music with a dark (a.k.a realistic in my world) edge go to SOUNDCLOUD.com/DEFRESHEST (link) or SOUNDCLOUD.com/REUPTRIPPYSHIT (link) to download some of his mixes for free. I’ve also just typed in RICO UNO on soundcloud and I’ve found his music that way as well.

TV: HBO’S The Leftovers

VIDEO RECAP: I quickly talk about how fun the BAS and AB-SOUL show was at Fortune Sound Club. Then I spend most of the time explaining why I am loving THE LEFTOVERS from HBO.

JUSTIN THEROUX is one of the stars of the show, and there are many other talented actors in it, too. THE LEFTOVERS centres around the disappearance of many people (The Pope and Gary Busey included) who disappear on October 14th (I’m not sure which year the story is set, but it’s up-to-date looking).

People are left mourning the disappearance of family members and there is a new “cult” gaining strength as well. The cult requires it’s members to dress in off-white and white and they can’t speak out loud.

It’s hard to make sense of it all right now, and that’s a good thing, since I’ve only finished the first 3 episodes. The community Theroux plays the police chief of is the focus. There are strange things happening, but it is strangely realistic to me too.

Give it a looksie if you have the time and want something a bit dark (a.k.a. just like real-life to me)!

AB-SOUL at FORTUNE: Gentlemanly Ways!

AB-SOUL-Fortune Sound-Oct 15th, 2014.

I’m 5’1 and I often go to hip-hop shows alone. It can be so annoying how pushy and aggressive guys are (tonight one guy tried to put his hands around my waist and then grabbed my butt when he walked by me later, even though I had already asked him twice not to touch me).

It doesn’t stop me from going to enjoy the music I love live, and I can stand up for myself…but, the following video shows that AB-SOUL and his “crew” ain’t down with pushing the ladies around:

FYI: “smashing” can refer to having sex (i.e. “I wanna smash” means a guy/girl wants to have sex). People can also be smashed around and that double meaning is what they’re talking about:

“It ain’t even that type of party. Smash the girls, but you don’t smash the girls. What the f%$# is going on?”

Thanks to AB-SOUL and his compatriots for setting the tone. It didn’t stop guys from being pushy (alcohol probably makes that impossible). Still, this is the first time I’ve been at a show where the male artists ask the men in the audience to respect females and give them space.

THE SHOW WAS INCREDIBLE! I sweat buckets and ended up with crazy, frizzy hair but it was all worth it. Ab-Soul is a very engaging performer, his songs are awesome, and he deserves to be the centre-of-attention up there on the stage.



NYC Rapper BAS: Interview at Fortune

I attended AB-SOUL‘s Vancouver stop on his THESE DAYS tour at Fortune Sound Club tonight (October 15th).

Thankfully, I got to see his opening act BAS perform as well (“These Days” is Ab-Soul’s most recent album–2014).BAS spoke with me shortly (though it’s hard to see his face due to poor lighting) after the show.

Original source: BAS' instagram page @FIENDBASSY..onstage at Fortune.

Original source: BAS’ instagram page @FIENDBASSY..onstage at Fortune. AIR!

BAS had me dancing and he’s a big guy, but he puts his all into his performance and moved around and inspired others to get their butts moving too. BAS‘ album is called LAST WINTER…give him a listen! He has two other mixtapes as well called QUATER WATER RAISED, VOL.1 and QUATER WATER RAISED, VOL.2.

BAS’ birth name is ABBAS HAMAD and he was born in Paris, France and he grew up in Queens, New York. He is signed to J.COLE‘s DREAMVILLE RECORDS.

On whether or not he can recommend any uplifting music: “Um…I don’t know. Honestly, it’s all about what the song means to you…you know, you got to find those songs that take you to a better place. It’s different for everybody.” Words of wisdom!

Is there anything that you love about VANCOUVER so far?: “Great weed and friendly people.” 

Sounds like a Vancouver-fan to me! Thanks to BAS!