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New Music: All Failures by Isomers

Artist: Isomers. Song: All Failures.

This is the first video I’ve directed, and it makes me feel warm and fuzzy inside.

Sydney Knows A Thing Or Two About Freaks:


On this gloriously sunny New Years Eve day, I got shut-down by the first five people I asked to interview for Thankfully, I continued to search, and I kept walking around looking for an interview subject. When I saw Sydney Gregoire, I thought her unconventional style was interesting and attractive, so I asked her if I could interview her.

The beautiful Sydney agreed. When I told her that my second question is, “If you’ve ever felt like a freak or an outsider, what helped you through it?”, she informed me that she owns an agency called FREAK (amazing) for local artists, and DJs. The website for the agency is

As they say, great minds think alike!

These are some of the things Sydney said:

“I think meeting other freaks and outsiders in the city is probably the way to feel most normal in Vancouver, I think. There’s a lot of fun, creative people over here, so it’s nice.”

“I do actually run an agency called FREAK. It has local artists, visual artists, DJs, that sort of thing, so it’s all like the weirdos in the city. We get together and kind of make art together.”

Thanks to Sydney…it felt really nice to not feel like a freak while asking people if they’ve ever felt like a freak or an outsider (if that makes any sense)!




Jesse Loves Vancouver Indie Bands: Mode Moderne, Tough Age, and White Poppy


I interviewed Jesse on Main Street today, and he filled me in on a few Vancouver indie bands he loves: Mode Moderne, Tough Age, and White Poppy. If you’re looking for some new music to listen to, give these bands a try. Jesse also gave a shout-out to Nardwuar to get well soon!

DAWN GOLDEN (aka Dexter Tortoriello): Interview

DEXTER TORTORIELLO has released his first album under the pseudonym DAWN GOLDEN and it is called STILL LIFE.

I had never heard of Dexter or Dawn Golden prior to seeing him open for METRONOMY at the Imperial on October 26th, 2014, but I am now a fan. He seemed to grab the entire audience’s attention by pouring out his emotions via his big voice, and by playing electronic sounds in a way that filled the room with his heartbreak, pop culture influences, and surprisingly danceable dark music.

Dexter Tortoriello and I: fan friendly at the Imperial in Vancouver.

Dexter Tortoriello and I: fan friendly at the Imperial in Vancouver.

I asked Dexter if he had any experience feeling like an outsider. “Dawn Golden” explained that he has felt this way for most of his life. When I asked him what music helped him through it, he said that the song US ONES IN BETWEEN by SUNSET RUBDOWN has inspired him the most during painful times. After his set, Tortoriello sat selling his own records. I observed him have a genuine conversation with the three fans in front of me, which impressed me. Some artists seem to think it is cool to be arrogant. I do not feel this way, and Dexter doesn’t seem to either. I appreciated his open demeanour.

DAWN GOLDEN (this is the name he used to introduce himself to the audience) suggested new fans begin with ALL I WANT from STILL LIFE. I WON’T BEND is my DAWN GOLDEN favourite so far.

DAWN GOLDEN vulnerable and impactful.

DAWN GOLDEN vulnerable and impactful.

Tortoriello’s best-known musical project so far has been as half of the duo HOUSES. With his band member (and girlfriend) MEGAN MESSINA, HOUSES released 2 albums: ALL NIGHT in 2010, and A QUIET DARKNESS in 2013.