Pete Davidson and Kate Beckinsale: Never Know What’s Coming Next

Kevin’s Key to Being an Outsider: Own It!


Kevin Wolfhard (@kwolfhard) knows what’s up!

If you’ve ever felt like a freak or an outsider, what helped you through it?

“Always…and essentially, I mean it took me quite a lot of time to sort of figure this out, but if you don’t own being a dork, being a weirdo, being a misfit, being an outsider…it’s, you can’t live life like that.

So if you just own it, it’s the best thing in the world. It’s who you are, right? This is why I dance at the Fox. It’s the ultimate expression of who I am as a person.”

I was feeling super crappy today (damn you PMS and a lack of sunlight), so I am so thankful to Kevin for his unbelievably wise words, because they boosted me up and reminded me of what’s important in life.

Owning who you are (which I find challenging to do all the time, but it feels so good when I do own who I am) is the best way to cope with feeling like a freak!

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KEVYN AUCOIN: Makeup Artiste Extraordinaire

KEVYN AUCOIN was more than a makeup artist to me, he is one of my heroes. Along with people like OPRAH WINFREY and MOLLY SHANNON, KEVYN AUCOIN taught me that I have the biggest influence over how I see myself.

Yes, I have had a past boyfriend tell me my nose is crooked and that I have a pointy chin. At the time, these comments only reinforced my pre-existing insecurities about my looks. But KEVYN AUCOIN‘S work reminds me that beauty is in the eye of the beholder and dare I say it, I think I am beautiful.

And I’m not about to get plastic surgery to gain confidence: he taught me to appreciate what you’re working with.

The more I practice loving what I’ve been given to work with, the more beauty I see in myself (and others for that matter)!

Identity and one’s self-image are not stagnant. As long as I can re-imagine myself in a new light, I have the potential to embody these initial imaginations. REINVENTION is central to Kevyn Aucoin’s approach to make-up and life, as he became famous for making over celebrity women into other past celebrities.


LISA MARIE PRESLEY transformation was one particular standout I remember from when AUCOIN turned her into MARILYN MONROE.

Sadly on May 7, 2002 KEVYN died due to kidney and liver failure. I incorrectly thought he died of a brain aneurysm, but this is not the case according to Wikipedia. He was born on February 14th, 1962.

It is sad that someone who contributed so much to my life, and to the lives of many others, died at the young age of 40, but I will never forget him.