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RICO UNO (The Freshest) Interview

Forgot to get a pic of Rico and I when I interviewed him...but ran into at #FortuneHootUp tonight

Forgot to get a pic of RICO UNO and I when I interviewed him…but ran into him at #FortuneHootUp event Oct.20/14.

If you live in Vancouver and you’ve even been to the BILTMORE CABARET or REPUBLIC, or any other number of bars and clubs, you’ve likely had the pleasure of getting to dance to RICO UNO‘s amazing work as a DJ.

I had the privilege of asking him a few questions about his life, his passion for rap, his favourite up-and-coming rapper (YOUNG THUG), and where he wants to take his career in the future (rap producer).

If you are a fan of rap and fun, inspiring music with a dark (a.k.a realistic in my world) edge go to SOUNDCLOUD.com/DEFRESHEST (link) or SOUNDCLOUD.com/REUPTRIPPYSHIT (link) to download some of his mixes for free. I’ve also just typed in RICO UNO on soundcloud and I’ve found his music that way as well.